This novel was pure slow-burn goodness!  Okay, it may not have been that pure, but you know what I mean.  In my opinion, there’s nothing better than a novel that builds a reader’s anticipation.  If you’re a patient reader, you’ll love Yes & I Love You.  If patience is not your forte, trust me, keep reading it, you’ll fall in love with this book, too.

It was easy to let myself get wrapped up in this story.  The characters were interesting and likable.  They had challenges that I haven’t read about in fiction before, so it felt fresh and new to me, and I was all in.  I read fiction to escape real life, but I still want the characters in the books that I read to be as realistic as possible, complete with flaws, insecurities, and issues.

Hollyn and Jasper were opposites in every sense of the word.  Where Hollyn was introverted, shy, and unsure of herself around strangers, Jasper was extroverted, friendly, flirtatious, energetic, and unfiltered.  While Hollyn had to work hard to put herself out there, Jasper was already there waiting in the wings.  Hollyn felt more at ease just blending in on the sidelines, living a quiet, subdued life.  Jasper, on the other hand, thrived off of attention.  The one thing that they did have in common was that they both needed a bit of help with their careers, and they realized that they might be able to scratch each other’s backs and provide that boost that they each needed.

Hollyn and Jasper had great chemistry, banter, and a good rapport that I was immediately connected to.  But what I enjoyed the most was that the author didn’t just give her readers an easy, smooth story.  Despite Jasper’s charm and good intentions, he didn’t always make the best decisions and I was often finding myself incensed on Hollyn’s behalf, but for me, that‘s half the fun.  If my feelings get ravaged by the characters’ actions, I’m always ready.  Bring it on.

Yes & I Love You has a good story, depth, intriguing characters, plenty of romance, and a generous serving of angst.  I felt on edge with the relationship that was transpiring.  I never really knew how it would all go.  The author dished out situations that made my heart pound, my stomach flutter, and kept my nerves and anticipation on high alert.  I was in my happy place.

Before I was even finished reading Yes & I Love You, I was already adding the next book in this series to my to-be-read list.

*4.5 Stars



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Yes & I Love You 
 By Roni Loren