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By Andrew Pyper

​Audible books are a peculiar thing, sometimes I think that the narrator and the presentation is just as important as the author and their story.

I’ve always enjoyed Andrew Pyper’s books, and I was looking forward to enjoying the Audible version of Oracle.

It really took me some time to get into Oracle, I didn’t find any of the characters likeable; Jackson seemed to lack differentiation in voices for his characters, it seemed like every character was Pacey (I feel bad for Joshua Jackson – he is a very talented actor yet is forever tied to one role). But as time and the story went on, it grew on me.

Pyper and Jackson, together, created an exceptionally dark atmosphere, one that I really enjoyed immersing myself into. When you look at the synopsis it may seem like you’ve seen or read this sort of thing before, but Pyper really goes to some different and intriguing places.

In the end, the team built a connection between myself and Nate Russo. He was a troubled character, just trying to do the right thing at any cost. Oracle was a mysterious who-done-it, with some great twists and turns along the way. I was kept guessing right to the bitter end.

*4 Stars

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