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​I’m going through this series a little bass-ackwards: book 2, book 1 and I’ll continue from there. But it really doesn’t matter, because, well, it is not a real linear story and there really isn’t that much here that I haven’t heard before. In fact, most of Stephen Fry’s Great Mythology series is common knowledge.

You may be wondering why I am reading a bunch of stories that I already know, well, to be honest it is all in the presentation. Stephen Fry just has a way of presenting these stories perfectly, filled with the sarcasm and irreverence that would infuriate and entertain the people who originally wrote them.

I find it funny the things I think about while reading a book like Mythos. I found myself thinking about my university days, about how many of these stories were presented to me way back then. Let me tell you this, if Stephen Fry had been the lecturer, all of the mythology classes would have been overflowing. Not that my professor didn’t know his stuff, he certainly did, but Fry embraced the manner in which these stories were meant to be presented, with character, flamboyance and excessive drama.

Book 2, Heroes, I went with the Audible, and to have Fry telling me these stories was fabulous and I’m sure that Fry would agree. With Mythos, I went with the Kindle edition, and while I thoroughly enjoyed it, I came away thinking that Stephen Fry’s Audible narration is the best way to experience these books.

If you are a fan of Greek Mythology, you will love Mythos; if you don’t know Greek Mythology, Stephen Fry will make you love it; and if you don’t like Greek Mythology, pull the stick out of your butthole and give this a shot.

*5 Stars

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By Stephen Fry