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By Alexandra Bracken

​With a gaggle of Greek gods and comparisons to some fantastic YA stories, Lore looked like it was written for someone just like me.

It’s funny how on paper a book can look like a perfect fit, but once you get into it something strange happens: it doesn’t work, you get annoyed at things, you find yourself saying, “That wouldn’t happen!”

Alexandra Bracken did her research, I really appreciate her knowledge of Greek mythology. I did not like the choices she made and the connections that she decided to make. Each of the Greek gods in the book were paired with the descendants of a Greek hero; not pairing Athena with an Athenian hero threw me off right from the start. In my opinion, there were so many better choices. It’s kind of funny how a decision the author makes can cloud a reader’s opinion of a book.

Once a story goes off the rails it is hard for the reader to get back on and embrace the story. I fell victim to this throughout Bracken’s story.  Perhaps I should have cut my bait and moved on, but I invested my time and an Audible credit, so I was going to see this through to the end.

You could say that these YA stories weren’t written for people like me, and you would be right. But it is one of the most popular genres in fiction and you can find some of the best writing there. I’ve read my fair share of YA fantasy and have found some absolute gems. I felt that Lore was going through the motions, just giving the kids what they want. It may sound a little harsh, but Bracken didn’t add anything new to the genre to get excited about.

I’m sure those who love the cookie-cutter YA fantasies will love Lore, but I wanted more.

*3 Stars

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