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The Book Eaters

By Sunyi Dean

We all love to “eat-up” books. It’s what we do; we dig into our books one at a time; we consume them from cover to cover and move on to the next great read. They are the things of our mental sustenance. But what if we needed books, really needed them, to fuel our bodies instead of our minds. What if we literally ate our favorite tomes in order to live, a physical, not a mental need. Sunyi Dean has grabbed this concept and has run wildly with it.

The Book Eaters has a great concept to pull in readers. Who wouldn’t want to consume a book and remember all its details forever? Books already appeal to so many senses: that new book smell, those beautiful covers and fabulous graphic novels, some have that rough paper or embossed covers and spines, there are some great narrators for audiobooks; why not bring in the sense of taste. What would your favorite books taste like? Would The Odyssey be a little salty? Would Breakfast at Tiffany’s have a cinnamon bun flavor? Any book by Dean Koontz would probably have a doggie flavor to it. Could you get drunk reading F. Scott Fitzgerald?

Dean created a fantastic world, something completely different. Her characters were tangible, flawed and unique. Her story was well written, it pulled me in as a reader and kept me attached to the action.

I opted for the Audible version of The Book Eaters. Katie Erich did a fantastic job with her narration. She really brought an authenticity to the protagonist, Devon.

The Book Eaters is a story of family, relationships and fighting against the structure. It is a timely book that entertains while at the same time makes a poignant point. I am excited to see what Dean does next.

*4.5 Stars