I am a huge fan of S.C. Stephens and the Thoughtless Series, so when I saw that she was releasing another book that looked like it would be screaming angst, I was more than a little interested.

I do not shy away from novels that contain love triangles, cheating, or forbidden situations, in fact, I run right to them.  My favorite books are always the ones that are able to make me feel every emotion: the butterflies, the anticipation, the plummeting doom of heartache, the will they or won’t they.  I want to be filled with so much anticipation and trepidation that I am equally eager to flip the pages as I am terrified of what could transpire.  For some readers that is pure torture, but for me, it’s my happy place.

Something Like Perfect had all of the elements to make this an all-consuming read.  I wanted to fall in love with this story and these characters, but something was just missing for me.  I didn’t feel the connection to them or become entranced in their romance as I had hoped.  Some elements of the story just seemed to fall into place too quickly or conveniently, making their romance seem forced or not as authentic or believable as I would have liked. 

This novel did take a direction that I hadn’t anticipated.  While I generally love this particular kind of story (I don’t want to elaborate on it and ruin it for any readers), again, I think that it was a little bit rushed.  Perhaps if the story had been longer, allowing me to get to know the characters a bit better, it would have made a difference.  I’m a patient reader.  I wanted the slow dance, the push and pull, the natural progression of the relationship.

Even though it pains me that I didn’t fall in love with this book or get the delivery of angst that I was hoping for, I am a lifetime fan who will always be on the lookout for the next S.C. Stephens novel.

*3 Stars


Something Like Perfect

By S.C. Stephens

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