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By Tochi Onyebuchi

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I’m going to get this out of the way first and foremost. This book was not written for everyone; it was not written for me. I can’t even call it a story, because…well, there is no story. Goliath is a potential snapshot of the future, just like any other science fiction novel.

Goliath was beautifully written, the narrative performance on the Audible, immaculate. I loved the portrait that the author painted. But that is all that Goliath is, a portrait; a picture expressed in words from a particular point of view. I was captivated by the power of Onyebuchi’s words, his visions of the future. But I was bored to death by his lack of a story.

As I was reading Goliath, I thought maybe Onyebuchi was going for a Vonnegut thing, like in Galapagos; but it lacked a focal point, it lacked the satire, it lacked the shoe drop, it had no plot.

Goliath was an opinion piece, an editorial commentary on society, a column. As a reader I could agree with some points, disagree with others, I was not emotionally invested.

I’m all for a socio-political leaning in a book, don’t shove it down my throat, mind you, but hell yeah! Give me your opinion, your point of view, I’m down with that. I have my own, let’s see how they bounce off of one another. But if you want me to care…you’ve got to give me a story. A plot. A sequence of events that lead somewhere. A hero. Give me a Goddamn hero! I want to care about something for fuck’s sake!

*3 Stars