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The Handyman Method

By Nick Cutter 

& Andrew F. Sullivan

​The haunted house trope is one of the oldest ones around. It has come to a point where authors need to raise the bar with how they treat the trope: where do they go with it, and how do they make it their own. Cutter and Sullivan accomplished this and then some.

I loved the relationship between Trent and Handyman Hank. I was one hundred percent on board with Trent’s frustration at the shoddy workmanship and lack of attention to detail in his brand-new house. But Handyman Hank was there to show him the ropes, to show Trent how to expertly handle these DIY jobs like a boss. The relationship between the two slowly evolved and the creep factor kept on rising. The build-up was amazing.

The Handyman Method isn’t just about Trent and Hank. Trent’s family has some well-kept secrets. These secrets are slowly revealed, adding to the drama and suspense. I was shocked at some of the revelations that came out over the course of The Handyman Method. There is some serious stuff going on here.

The Handyman Method is a slow-building horror, it lulls the reader into a comfortable, been there, done that spot and methodically builds into a what-the-hell-is-going-on place that shocks the reader with the deceptions. A really great time!

*5 Stars