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No Such Thing As Perfect has an intriguing premise that immediately grabbed my attention.  This is a clever, modern-day dating story, but also so much more.

Laura Morrison’s life was not going as well as she had hoped.  At twenty-nine, she was living in her sister and brother-in-law’s house and sleeping on an air mattress, her journalism job was hanging on by a thread, and her romantic life was pretty much nonexistent.  When Cupid, a new dating service, offered her the opportunity to be one of the first clients in their pilot project in exchange for her documenting her experience at the newspaper she worked at, she figured that this story could not only save her job, but also find her soulmate.

With all of the dating apps and services out there, Cupid took things in a different direction by taking their clients Internet history and using it to find a compatible love interest.  Yes, this was an intriguing premise, but also a scary and intrusive one.  Think about all of the things that you’ve searched for online: from that WebMD self-diagnosis to the celebrity’s name from that movie that you just couldn’t think of to the multitude of shopping items that you just had to have.  I shudder at the thought!

What I enjoyed most about this novel was that the characters were not perfect.  I’m not the type of reader who wants to be swept up in an idealistic, too-good-to-be-true scenario.  Bring on the flawed, realistic characters!  Emma Hughes did just that.

Laura’s life wasn’t picture-perfect.  She had been unlucky in love (at a bit of her own doing).  Her ideas of love, romance, and marriage were a bit jaded by her own parents’ marriage.  They weren’t the best role models of a happily ever after, as their marriage had been tumultuous and on the rocks for years.

When Cupid found Laura’s match, he was everything that she should have wanted: he was handsome, educated, had a good career, and was a family-minded person.  But while she tried to find that spark between them, she just wasn’t feeling their connection.  She did, however, feel a spark with one of the Cupid employees.  Mm-hmm.

There were plenty of highs and lows on Laura’s journey.  Her path wasn’t smooth and easy, but she plodded on and persisted.  As I mentioned, she wasn’t a perfect character, but she was one that I couldn’t help but root for.  I wanted her to find happiness, to be content in her life, to find true love.  Did she?  I’m not going to say, but her journey was one that I was glad to be on with her.

*4 Stars

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No Such Thing As Perfect

By Emma Hughes