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Things You Save in a Fire is one of those special books where you just want to wrap yourself up in a blanket and ignore real life until you’ve finished the final page. 

This book is my definition of a well-rounded novel.  It is relevant, heartbreaking, hopeful, witty, clever, and romantic.  The author’s storytelling ability shines in this novel.  She writes about realistic characters with realistic feelings and struggles.  She pulls you in quickly, invests you in the characters, and makes you feel a gamut of emotions.

I was immediately invested in Cassie’s story.  I was on her side, high-fiving her, and cheering her on right from the very beginning.  She was a strong, feisty, courageous woman.  She wasn’t just a good firefighter, she excelled in this male-dominated career.  She put the work in, trained hard, and gained the skills that put her at the top of her field. 

Cassie lived, breathed, and dedicated her life to firefighting, but her personal life was lacking.  She didn’t do relationships, she definitely didn’t fall in love, and she certainly wasn’t looking to meet anyone.  But she couldn’t help but be drawn to the rookie in her new firehouse.  With all of his friendliness, kindness, and warmth, it was nice to have one man on her side in this “old boys club.”  Let me just say, the rookie was a pretty special guy.

Underneath Cassie’s tough exterior, she harbored a great deal of anger, pain, and resentment.  I felt it all right along with her.  I wanted to reach through my Kindle and give her a big hug, but then again, she would’ve been more comfortable with a couple of pats on the shoulder and a "You’ve got this, girl."

Things You Save in a Fire was just an all-around wonderful reading experience.  It was a heartfelt story of forgiveness and strength.  Throughout the pages I was smiling, laughing, crying, and simply enjoying every moment that I got to spend with these fabulous characters.

Things You Save in a Fire was on my list of most anticipated books for 2019, and needless to say, it did not disappoint.  It was everything that I had hoped it would be…and so much more.  Katherine Center is definitely one of my must-read authors.

*5 Stars



Things You Save in a Fire

By Katherine Center