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The Residence

By Andrew Pyper

I have a list of authors who have pulled me into one of their stories; I can’t wait to get my grabby fingers on their next new release; Andrew Pyper got on this list with The Homecoming.

I have spent months looking forward to reconnecting with Pyper’s writing, ever since I saw that The Residence was set to release. I know that I like his style, who doesn’t love an old-fashioned ghost story?

Unfortunately, I just didn’t connect with Pyper’s characters this time around.

I like to figure the how and why when this happens. The last thing I want is a book that feels like a chore to finish, but I hate to abandon what I have started; this is a good author, he must be able to create that connection before the end of the story.

In the end I can only say that there was some kind of vacuum in the space-time continuum. The wrong time, the wrong place. I found The Residence lacking a connection, I just didn’t care. Perhaps with White House BS everywhere right now, I just wasn’t in the right mind for more White House; perhaps Pyper’s characters were a bit too one dimensional this time around.

There are some stories that can go dark and gloomy, without any comic relief; but others need it. The comic relief can help to build connections, make the characters more tangible, more relatable. Perhaps it was this lack of comic relief that was missing.

Pyper’s writing was solid, his plot unique and interesting; but this story failed to captivate me. I want to immerse myself in the stories I read. I wanted my Calgon moment with The Residence and it never materialized.

*3 Stars

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