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​As soon as I saw that Leslie Cohen had a new book coming out, I immediately added it to my to-be-read list.  She knows how to write about relationships, whether it’s friendship or romantic.  She excels at creating an honest, flawed, slightly dysfunctional relationship that pulls her readers in.

My Ride or Die is an ode to friendship.  We’ve all had that friend who has always been there, through all the highs and lows, the person who you have to call or text first when anything big, or small for that matter, happens.  They just “get” you more than anyone else does.  They are your best friend, your person, your ride or die.

Sophie and Amanda have known each other for a decade since meeting in university.  They may have different personalities, but they complement each other perfectly.  Where Amanda’s life is quite structured, Sophie’s is more of a work in progress.  Amanda is level-headed, but she’s also a worrier and hypochondriac.  Sophie is free-spirited, creative, and filled with wanderlust.  Together they make a great team.

When their love lives crash and burn, they make the decision to forego future relationships with men and commit to a platonic life together…but with men on the side.  Gone are the expectations, the heartache, the misunderstandings, and the loneliness.  They would be there for each other – always.

I liked the friendship between Sophie and Amanda.  They, like their friendship, had flaws.  Don’t we all?  Their plan to buy a brownstone, fix it up, and live together without having serious romantic relationships was perhaps a nice idea in essence, but I knew that they were probably setting themselves up for failure.  Like any relationship, they had their ups and downs, plenty of tension, and throughout it all, their relationship evolved over time.

My Ride or Die was filled with great dialogue, witty banter, and that big city girlfriend vibe.  With vivid descriptions, I could visualize everything as though I were right there experiencing it all with them.  It was an intriguing and entertaining portrayal of female friendship.

*4 Stars

My Ride or Die
 By Leslie Cohen