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​My 2024 reading was already off to a great start, and The Women just made it even better. I know that a Kristin Hannah book is going to be a captivating reading experience, but my goodness, The Women was even better than I had hoped, and trust me, my expectations were already set at the highest bar.

What does any reader want more than anything when they open a book? They want to feel. I felt this story right down to my core. So many emotions passed through me as I lived right beside Frankie McGrath during the most tumultuous years of her life.

War stories always hit hard, but this particular one really packed a punch. All of my senses were working overtime as if I were there in Vietnam, in the heat, mud, blood, and humidity. This book played out right in front of me, and it was heartbreaking, thought-provoking, and made me feel so enraged.

In my opinion, Frankie was every bit of a hero for her country. She had lived a privileged life, but she didn’t just want to be someone’s wife, she wanted to make a difference, be someone that she and her family would be proud of. That doesn’t sound so unreasonable to me, but it was a different time. She may not have been in actual combat, but she was right there alongside her fellow nurses and doctors, fighting for people’s lives. She experienced the pain, the fatigue, and the overwhelming sense of loss. She put herself in harm’s way. She cared about her commitment to a country that ultimately turned its back on her and so many others.

I don’t want to get into too many details about what actually transpired in Frankie’s story, that is for the individual reader to explore. I will say that this book had me thinking about it long after the final page was read. The Women will not be forgotten and isn’t that really what the women deserve.

*5+ Stars


The Women
 By Kristin Hannah

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