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When it came to Dean Koontz’s  Nameless, I opted for the Audible version, which is a compilation of six short stories. Edoardo Ballerini did a fantastic job of narrating this collection of stories revolving around a man with no name.

The beauty of the Audible version of  Nameless was how Ballerini’s narration enhanced the atmosphere. Nameless is dark, it was somber, it was filled with vengeance against the evil that people do. The six stories are all tied together. This Audible version was the perfect way to experience Nameless’ story from beginning to end; they flowed from one, straight into the other. I can’t really say that it had a beginning, or even an end. The whole thing made me think of an ice core: a section or sample pulled right out of the middle of a much larger story. Leave it to Dean Koontz to make this work perfectly.

Nameless was a captivating story with some fabulous surprises along the way.

*5 Stars


(6-Book Series)

By Dean Koontz

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