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The Sun Down Motel 

By Simone St. James

We’ve all seen them on a road trip or family vacation, every town has one right on the pre-Interstate Highway system, the roadside motel. They were a place to stop and get a few winks on your way from point A to point B. In this day and age of chain hotels and frequent flyer plans, the old roadside motel has taken a hit.  They have been replaced by the need to get “there” faster and to need the sameness and standardization that we expect, and Norman Bates may have hurt the industry a wee bit. The ones that have survived seem rundown and outdated; this gives them a creepiness that Simone St. James has capitalized on.

The Sun Down Motel was a great story.  The Audible version mimics the parallel timelines with two narrators, one for each protagonist, and fits perfectly with the story. I’m a sucker for the parallel timelines, two great suspense stories for the price of one admission, St. James pulled this off masterfully.

St. James’ characters were fabulous. I loved the many levels of quirk that she added to them. Each one, dead and alive, had their own unique personality.

I had my own personal icks with this story. With the innovative story, incredible characters and impeccable selection of narrators, I still saw the twist coming a mile away. Beyond this, St. James felt the need to insert a #metoo element to her story. I get it, authors want to be relevant and to put their own personal feelings into their books. For myself, when I read, I like to get away from the ugliness of reality.

*4 Stars

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