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Closing Costs

By Bracken MacLeod

​At its core, Closing Costs is your traditional home-invasion thriller. However, MacLeod knows that traditional just won’t cut it anymore. The reader wants something more, and he has delivered.

Right from the opening paragraph MacLeod is building the tension; we know that something is brewing, it’s just a question of: when, how and most importantly, why? MacLeod answers these questions through a series of flashbacks, this is a fabulous tool for plunging us directly into the action, yet slowly leaking all the necessary background information to the readers.

Understandably, MacLeod spends the bulk of his time building the character of Nelle Pereira, she is after all, the protagonist. She certainly has her faults. But the remainder of the characters get the attention each one deserves. The excellent character building in Closing Costs really helps in giving the full impact of the story.

In my opinion, Closing Costs is a story of karma: what comes around goes around (yes, I quoted Ratt – I could have just as easily quoted Mod Sun's song about karma, but I’ll keep this review family-friendly).  And the karma all comes back to the why of the home invasion – props to the author for keeping me guessing.

Closing Costs was an exciting, fun read. It kept me on my toes and flipping the pages. MacLeod really did a great job of keeping the pace up and building his characters, really stressing the point that some decisions, well, you just can’t come back from.

*4 Stars

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