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David Moody is one of my favorite authors.   I’ve been captivated by his writing since I first opened Hater many years ago.  I’ve been nursing The Last Big Thing since its release in January.  I just can’t sit and read straight through an anthology; I like to place the stories in between other full-length books that I’m reading.  I find that this helps with my overall appreciation for the anthology as a whole.

Moody prefaces each of his eleven stories with a brief inspiration for the story.  I loved how this sets the mood and gives some insight into what the author was thinking.  There is a consistent style throughout the stories, yet they never felt repetitive from one to the other.

There is a certain knack required to write a good short story that David Moody has mastered.  There just isn’t enough time to feel a connection with the characters, I always like a short that pulls me in fast and leaves me with a WTF ending.  Moody has mastered this, while keeping it fresh.

A couple of highlights for me were:  Everything and Nothing, Away with the Fairies, The Deal, and The Last Big ThingEverything and Nothing – I can’t resist anything in the Hater world.  Away with the Fairies felt like a freight train bearing down on me.  The Deal was like a classic Twilight Zone story.  And The Last Big Thing brought out the best of Moody – a dark acceptance of being stuck in a bad spot.

I found The Last Big Thing to be a perfect way to mix things up between my full-length books.  It pulled from a plethora of different directions and I never really knew where my destination would be.

*4.5 Stars

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The Last Big Thing

By David Moody