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By Catherine Ryan Howard

Catherine Ryan Howard intrigued me with her concept and synopsis. I love a story that kicks off with a heinous violent crime (a fictional story anyway). Rewind is a classic who-done-it.

The concept and execution may be lost on the younger generation. Rewind read like a cassette tape…fast forward to this…pause here…rewind to get the back details. I’ve never read a book where the author deliberately replicates a different medium. This was a definite success!

In order for any story to hit the next level, the author must create a connection between myself and their characters. Unfortunately, this necessary relationship never fully developed for me. I felt a lack of focus on any one individual…who was I supposed to connect with? I don’t know…was I meant to feel sympathy for the victim? I didn’t.

The story itself was good, the web woven by Howard was new and intriguing, but as the story went on, I was easily able to see around all of the corners. I want a mystery / thriller that maintains the mystery until it thrills me at the climax.

In the end, Rewind was a good story that simply lacked the finer details that I have come to look for in an exciting story. I appreciate Howard’s efforts in concept, it just left me wanting more or perhaps she gave me too much, too soon.

*3.5 Stars