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By Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Olde Heuvelt is a new name that has kept coming up over the past couple of years. Hex was the first time that I started hearing about him and that just happens to be the first book in the Robert Grim series, it is still on my ever-growing TBR; but good news, you can get by just fine in Oracle without having read Hex.

The synopsis is intriguing, without giving too much away – I love that in a synopsis.

I had my travails with Oracle, not so much the book, but me. I couldn’t find the time to dedicate to reading and it took me an exorbitant amount of time to complete the book. There are times when I blame the book – it didn’t make me want to read it – but this one is on me. Whenever that happens, I find that the story naturally loses some of its gusto.

Olde Heuvelt took this story in some unexpected directions, there was a lot going on without feeling overwhelming. He created some great characters, and the story flowed well, but I never really felt involved.

On a side note, from “the internet is scary” file – while I was reading Oracle, I kept seeing all sorts of Facebook things for Doggerland, which I had never heard of before, never researched on my computer, but plays a role in the book. Play the Twilight Zone music.

I can see how at a better time I would have enjoyed Oracle more, and I still plan on going back for Hex.

*4 Stars