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Summer Vacation Reading Recommendations - 2023!

Well, it’s that time of year again, to sing the adult version of “School’s Out” and stop wearing pants for a week or two. Perhaps you’re going to bite that bullet and take that long awaited family vacation, or you may just want to stay the hell to home and sit by the pool and avoid all the stress. Well, whatever it is, you’re going to need some books. Here are some of my favorites that you might want to dig into or take a bite out of.

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Camp Damascus  - By Chuck Tingle – What is more nostalgic and summer-y than summer camp. This camp may leave you with a few more demons than you came in with. Chuck Tingle will take you to that summer camp that you never really wanted.

- The Couples Trip  - By Ulf Kvensler – Summer is a great time to go on vacation with friends; so why not head off with a great friend and her new beau that you’ve never met before; nothing awkward could happen there. While hiking in northern Sweden might not be at the top of people’s bucket lists, it would be refreshing to get away from the heat and humidity.

- Old Boys  - By Nick Spalding – How about a summer vacation spent with your long-lost dad? Whom you haven’t see for thirty years. Oh, and by the way, he is a rock star! Imagine all the reconnecting you could do with a rock star budget and a rock star attitude.

- Fantasticland  - By Mike Bockoven – What is more summer vacation than a theme park with the kids. All the joy and peace that it brings, and it isn’t too early for the first hurricane of the season to make an unexpected turn.

Murder Your Employer  - By Rupert Holmes – With some time off from the grindstone, it might be time to reevaluate your career. Maybe go for that promotion. Be your own change! Rupert Holmes has some great career advice to contemplate while dreading what happens in two weeks’ time.

- How to Sell a Haunted House  - By Grady Hendrix – Have you just had an unexpected inheritance? Need to liquidate that asset ASAP? With a couple of weeks, you can clear out those cobwebs (physical and metaphorical) and make some cold cash at the same time; let Grady Hendrix show you how.

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