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 By Chuck Wendig

​​I had a love/hate relationship with Chuck Wendig’s Wanderers.

I was first drawn into Wanderers by the fabulous synopsis.  There is nothing I love more than a new unique twist on any type of apocalypse, and it looked like Chuck Wendig had just the thing for me.

I loved Wanderers. It is a fantastic story, filled with incredible characters.
Right from the start, Wendig pulled me into his story. The depth of character he created was evident from page one. The out of this world scenario he created was great. I was hooked! My intense involvement was still just as strong over 32 hours later when the story came to its conclusion.

There are very few books that I feel like I could read a second or third time, but Wanderers is one of them.

I hated having Wendig’s political feelings shoved down my throat. You know that blah blah at the beginning of every book about how the book is not based on any real people? Well, in this book that is a load of hooey.  You’ve got a “Hilary Clinton” as president and a “Donald Trump” as the Republican candidate in the upcoming election. It’s not hard to figure out who Wendig supports. I go to fiction to get away from all of the partisan politics that consumes the media these days.  If I want a Democrat lean, I’ll turn on CNN; if I want a GOP lean, I’ll switch it over to Fox News.

I hated Wendig’s portrayal of middle America. The small towns that make up the backbone of America are not filled with racists on the cusp of revolting against the government. Wendig’s wide brush was unfair to many hard-working people who don’t hate other cultures. They do not have massive arsenals sitting in their basements, just waiting for the shit to hit the fan.

I hated that Wendig and his publisher expected me to pay to listen to him on his soap box.

In the end, Wanderers left me in a conundrum. I suppose an artist’s job is to make his audience  feel.  This book made me feel in spades. Job well done!

*5 Stars