Well, it is that time of year again, to sing the adult version of “School’s Out” and stop wearing pants for a week or two. After what we’ve gone through the past couple years, you might be taking that long-awaited flight, maybe you’re going to visit family that you haven’t seen for a while or perhaps you just want to stay the hell to home and sit by the pool and avoid all the stress. Well, whatever it is, you’re going to need some books. Here are some of my favorites that you might want to dig into or take a bite out of.

- Road of Bones  – By Christopher Golden – If you like that “Christmas in July” concept, this one is sure to chill you to the bone. Christopher Golden will take you on a cross-country trek across the frozen tundra of Russia’s Kolyma Highway…brrr.

- Reckless Girls  – By Rachel Hawkins – If you are more into that deserted, tropical island getaway then Rachel Hawkins has just the vacation for you. Reckless Girls is that getting-away-from-it-all that no one wants.

- Razzmatazz  – By Christopher Moore – If you just want something fun with a few mobsters, dames, and dragons, Christopher Moore has just the thing for you. And who doesn’t want a little razzmatazz on vacation?

- The Children on the Hill  – By Jennifer McMahon – Perhaps your perfect getaway is a little out-of-the-way place in the Northeast. How about Vermont? Let Jennifer McMahon show you all the twists, turns, and shocks between the mountains and the lakes.

- Night of the Living Rez  – By Morgan Talty – They don’t call Maine "Vacationland" for nothing. You could always let Morgan Talty show you the side of Maine that isn’t filled with tourist traps, lobstah, and salt-water taffy. Get to know the original (real) Mainers.

- Revelator  – By Daryl Gregory – If you are more into a southern trip, Daryl Gregory has just the thing for you. How about the backwoods of Tennessee? You could enjoy some time spent with some honest-to-goodness moonshiners right in the Smoky Mountains with the family’s god that they refer to as "Ghostdaddy." What could go wrong?


Happy Reading!


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