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The Last One 
By Will Dean

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​We’ve all had those what-would-we-do moments while we read or watch a movie/television show. The Last One definitely had me putting myself in Caz’s shoes, wondering what I would do if I found myself alone on an ocean liner that is making its transatlantic crossing. We’re not just talking about no room stewards, bartenders, chefs, or entertainers on board, oh, no, there wasn’t a captain, or any officer on the bridge. No one was operating this large ship.

I have to tread very lightly with this review so that I don't give any details away. I had questions, so many questions that I needed answered.

The chapters were kept short (which I enjoyed), and I was quickly taken deeper into the story. My suspicions were raised from the very beginning, and I trusted nothing. I wasn’t sure that I could rely on anything that transpired or anything that was said.

The Last One had its share of action, moments where I may have gasped out loud or cringed. For a good part of the novel, I was held captive by my curiosity about this mysterious ship and its passenger, but I will admit that as some of the secrets were revealed I felt a tad underwhelmed.

The Last One was an interesting concept and an entertaining novel. For the most part I enjoyed my fictional time spent aboard the RMS Atlantica, but the ending made me shake my head.

*4 Stars