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The Hobbit

By J.R.R. Tolkien

​​The Hobbit is one of those stories that has been around for so long that everyone assumes you know the story, it is out there in so many different forms, how could you not have: seen, read or heard this epic tale?  Well, I can’t explain what kind of hobbit hole I’ve been living in, but this is my first go-round in any medium. I went with the Audible version, because, well, why not?

As a former Dungeons and Dragons player (yes, I did, judgement-free zone), The Hobbit brought me right back to those imaginary adventures. In fact, I could really see the heavy influence that Tolkien must have had on the creation and direction of those games. The nostalgia factor comes into play, I was riding off to kill the dragon.

You really have to give credit to Tolkien for the creativity in putting this story together. The creativity in pulling all of these elements together and crafting a fabulous tale to wrap them all up in was enchanting. Each and every character was intricately developed, with personality and purpose. Once I was in there, I found it impossible to get out.

Ron Inglis did an incredible job with his narration, enhancing the characters and bringing to life the story created by Tolkien.

In the end, The Hobbit is a classic tale of good versus evil, of greed and avarice versus kindness and generosity. It becomes a tapestry of humanity with all of our flaws revealed and the ideals that we could/should aspire to and the one little Hobbit to show us the way, right after second breakfast.

*5 Stars