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I’ve been of fan of Golden for a few years now; it all started with Ararat, the first in the Ben Walker series. I’ve got to be honest, a great archaeological adventure with a good dash of horror mixed in is my bag. I think I could read Ben Walker stories until the cows come home. As time and stories go by, it looks like Ben Walker was the thing that Golden did for a while and not who he is as an author.

The concept behind The House of Last Resort looked like it was right up my alley: a house owned by the Catholic Church with buried secrets. This has got a lot of potential going for it, let’s get back to that biblical, archaeological horror that I fell for years ago. So much potential…

But that just isn’t what Golden had in mind. Tommy Puglisi is not Ben Walker; he just isn’t that interesting. Sure, he and his wife, Kate, have some baggage, who doesn’t? But Golden spends far too much time telling us about it rather than having it affect their decisions and actions. He just failed to create characters that I cared about.

I think I am one of the few who love details, describe the scene for me, put me in the picture, I love that. But somehow Golden got that all wrong. The details he spends his time on are repetitive and not descriptive. I really couldn’t put myself in the story. Golden was ticking off boxes that were more important to him than the story.

I think that I’m at a point where I need to be a bit more selective about what I read. Just because I’ve enjoyed an author’s work before doesn’t necessarily mean that their new book is the one for me.

*3 Stars

The House of Last Resort

By Christopher Golden