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​I love a story with a mysterious monster, make it biblical in nature and I am hooked.  Ararat is one of those books I had been eyeing for a while before finally embarking on the voyage.

Golden masterfully created his cast of characters, although listed as Ben Walker #1, there were many other characters with critical roles.  All of these characters were exceptionally developed with values and vices.  These players in the story pulled me in and kept me wanting more.

I’ve got a couple of self-defined categories that I love; the first I refer to as archaeological adventure, these are modern-based stories that poke into ancient cultures; the second is biblical horror.  Golden captured both of these sub-genres perfectly in one fantastic story.

As a former classical studies student, I love stories that look back into the past, a new, different view of what once was.  These stories often offer a what if? aspect to the past, and I often find it helps me bond with the story and the characters.

It’s hard to beat biblical horror, it plays off the belief system I was raised with.  Monsters are fine and all, but I always find there is something more realistic when it’s based on my own beliefs.

My foray into Ararat was via the audiobook.  The narration was well done and enhanced my experience.  Robert Fass conveyed the story without really being noticed just for being the narrator.

Ararat kicked off with a great hook and kept me entrenched in the story.

*4.5 Stars 


By Christopher Golden

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