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​​I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but Nora Roberts is one hell of a writer.  She continues to amaze me with her ability to develop storylines and seamlessly tie them all together.

Shelter in Place is a story of love and hate; where love is the glue, if used properly, can fix anything.  The synopsis doesn’t do the story justice, there is so much more beneath the surface.

Roberts has based this story around a shooting at a mall in Maine.  This theme is all too relevant in today’s age; it is the type of thing that is happening all too often and in places that we would normally consider “safe.”  She doesn’t focus on the shooting itself, but rather on the aftereffects, and how this one incident changed the lives of everyone who was there.

I loved the time spent with Roberts’ characters.  I was pulled into their lives as some tumbled out of control, while for others “the incident” allowed them to focus on who they were destined to be. Simone and Reed couldn’t be more different from each other, but their shared experience at the DownEast Mall catapulted their lives on an inevitable journey.

I love books like these, where the length of time doesn’t matter. The lives exposed are so deep and profound that I want to spend more time with them. I want Roberts to reveal every last detail of their lives.

In the end, Shelter in Place is a story of hope and conquering demons.

*5 Stars

Shelter in Place

By Nora Roberts