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A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

(A Song of Ice and Fire)

By George R.R. Martin

Like many other readers, I have been waiting for Martin to return to Westeros, back to the world of the Targaryan’s, Lannister’s and Stark’s. I’m going to assume that you want to return to this world as well; if you have not read A Song of Ice and Fire up to A Dance with Dragons and you have never seen the series, you may find a few spoilers here.

Martin has gotten himself into a pickle with A Song of Ice and Fire, the last book, A Dance with Dragons basically ends with the death of John Snow; the most Oh! My! God! moment I’ve ever had in a book. Now, we all know what happens next, or do we? We have the HBO version. This is where George finds himself in a pickle: Does he do exactly the same as HBO? Or does he take us somewhere completely different? Personally, I want new and exciting. Take your time and do it right.

This is where Dunk and Egg fit in, they bring me back to that world, while giving George the time to continue to shock and surprise me with his next A Song of Ice and Fire book. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is three stories revolving around a knight named Dunk and his squire, Egg. These stories are fun, with some excitement and surprises.

What I loved the most was Dunk, the complete opposite of Tyrion Lannister. Almost seven feet tall, dumb as an ox and strong as a bear. His relationship with Egg made the book.

The book left off, leaving the impression that there could be more stories to come from Dunk and Egg, and yes, I would love to go back, which I think is the true test of any story.

*4.5 Stars