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The Collected Regrets of Clover 
 By Mikki Brammer

As soon as I began reading this novel, I knew that it was going to be special. I also knew that it was probably going to hurt, but what’s a good book if it doesn’t make you feel. Well, this book certainly made me feel. All I wanted to do was reach through my Kindle and give Clover a big hug.

Mikki Brammer’s debut novel touches on a subject that many of us prefer to ignore: death. Sure, we know it’s inevitable, but most of us prefer to keep our heads in the sand and not think about the end of our lives or those of our loved ones. The author deals with it in a very thought-provoking, heartfelt manner.

Clover Brooks has an unconventional job. As a death doula she provides end-of-love companionship to those about to die. From a very young age, she’d been confronted with death, and although she had always had a knack for dealing with people who were about to pass away, it often made her an outcast among her classmates. For Clover, holding the hand and comforting the dying in their final moments of life was a privilege and one that she didn’t take lightly.

Clover lived a quiet, lonely life. After her beloved grandfather died, the only connections she had were with a bookstore owner, her pets, a senior who lived in her apartment building, and the people who she was working for. She lived a very solitary life. It’s not that she didn’t want to have friends, find love, or get out in the world more, she just didn’t want to face rejection, disappointment, or abandonment.

My heart broke repeatedly for Clover. She was an interesting and unforgettable character. I wanted her to find happiness, contentment, friendships, and love. Living in New York City, it is easy to be swallowed up, but I didn’t want her to witness other people living their lives, I wanted her to get out of her comfort zone, get out there and live hers, too.

The Collected Regrets of Clover was a wonderful reading experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Clover, the thoughtfulness of the story, and the abundance of hope that it provided. I will definitely be looking forward to reading the next novel by Mikki Brammer.

*4.5 Stars


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