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The Big Dark Sky

By Dean Koontz

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Dean Koontz is one of a few authors where I’m not sure if they really have anything new for me. More often than not, I make the decision to go for it and see what he has for me this time. Most of the time I enjoy the story.

The Big Dark Sky follows many familiar tropes; I’m not going to get into them all, you can come across them for yourself. I frequently found myself finding elements from this book or that book, and by no means would I accuse Koontz of plagiarism, similar plotlines, characters, or even atmospheres that can easily be found in the best of books by the top authors. But on some level, he may have phoned it in this time. Let’s be honest, we all have those days where our work is just good enough, and I know that Koontz has a dog to feed.

Now that I’ve established that The Big Dark Sky isn’t Koontz’s best masterpiece, exactly how does it stack up? Well, you could argue that he is one of the best living authors out there. Did I find familiar elements in The Big Dark Sky? Yes. Could they have made me feel comfortable? Absolutely. Did Dean Koontz create something new and entertaining that kept my interest and made me want to know what happened to his characters? You know he did.

This might not be what a lot of authors out there want to hear, but Dean Koontz phoning it in is still a good book. It didn’t blow my mind; I’m not looking for a sequel (or prequel), but I had fun while I was there. My best hope is that his next one is a winner.

*4 Stars