​Over the past few years I’ve heard Joe R. Lansdale’s name come up from time to time. I watched and enjoyed Netflix’s Hap and Leonard, and with a full-length movie in the works, I thought that The Thicket would be a great place to begin my own Joe R. Lansdale reading experience.

A great author can put you right in the story, picturing everything as it takes place, they will give you a full visual image of the characters, they make it feel real!

I put together my own cast for The Thicket: Peter Dinklage as “Shorty”, he is after all the go-to vertically challenged actor in Hollywood; Michael Clark Duncan, God rest his soul, as Eustace; and Ethan Cutkosky, yes, I pictured Carl Gallagher, as Jack Parker. These three grounded the story for me and made the images come to life.

Lansdale balanced his story perfectly. It had violence, it had drama, it had some good-natured fun, it had some good and it had more than its fair share of evil. He gave us some characters to love and others to hate, there was no one or nothing that I didn’t feel for or about; Lansdale made me feel something for everything. He stayed unapologetically true to the time and the place.

The Thicket is the kind of book that makes me want to read more and more by this author.

*7 Stars

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The Thicket

By Joe R. Lansdale

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