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The Tiger Catcher 
(The End of Forever Saga #1)
By Paullina Simons

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​​​I am a fan of time travel romances and fiction that deals with the metaphysical.  For someone who is used to reading more contemporary novels, I’m able to suspend disbelief and just go with the flow of these inventive stories.  When I found out that Paullina Simons was going to be releasing a book in this genre, I quickly added it to my must-read list.

The Tiger Catcher was an interesting and intriguing story.  This is going to be a three-book series, so I was fully aware that the author was going to have to spend some time creating her setting and acquainting her readers with the characters and their storylines.  I was in no hurry to rush the story along.  I was more than willing to sit back and experience everything that needed to be felt and experienced.  With that being said, I did have a bit of trouble connecting with the characters.  I felt that their romantic relationship was a bit rushed and that they fell into an instant-love situation.  I wanted to be able to witness more of the initial stages of their relationship, watch them fall in love and grow as a couple.  I’m not saying that people/characters can’t fall in love quickly, I’m just saying that, as a reader, I enjoy a love story that burns a bit slower, it makes the love story, the longing, and the desperation feel more authentic and believable.

This story deals with some tragic, difficult, and depressing issues.  I always appreciate it when an author isn’t afraid to take her readers out of their comfort zones and subject them to some of the harsh realities of life.  I wasn’t looking for a smooth, easy journey with these characters, and Simons certainly took the bumpier path.

As I mentioned, The Tiger Catcher was an interesting story.  While I wasn’t riveted to the pages as I had originally hoped I would be, I was still invested in seeing what would become of the characters.  The author has piqued my curiosity with this first book, and I will be continuing on with the series to see where it all ends up.

*3.5 Stars