By Tim Lebbon

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Imagine, if you will that all those fantastic creatures of myth and legend had really existed. Their remains strewn all over the earth like dinosaur fossils. Would they be displayed in museums for everyone to observe and wonder about? Or would they end up in private collections for the ultra rich? How much would they pay for satyr penis? To what lengths would they go to have that impressive piece in their private collection?

This is where Tim Lebbon has gone with Relics. A captivating premise, one that allowed Lebbon to explore his imagination to its fullest extent.

But a great story needs more than just a great premise. It needs the characters that will pull the audience in, make them feel like they are part of the story, not simply observers at a distance. Lebbon has done a fantastic job of making his characters real and relatable. They experience the normal things that we all do, until the exceptional upends their lives.

I went with the Audible version of Relics. The narration of Esther Wane was exceptional, her characters, and changing of accents was seamless. She helps make a great story better.

Relics cements Lebbon as a go-to author for me.

*5 Stars