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​What a great way to start off my reading for 2020!  Together We Caught Fire may be Eva V. Gibson’s debut novel, but it certainly didn’t feel that way.  This book has exquisite writing, depth, and a story that made me feel a plethora of emotions.

This is a forbidden romance, however, this novel is so much more than that.  The characters were so well developed, and I was immediately pulled in and invested in their lives.  They all had their own issues that they were trying to deal with, which were equally heartbreaking, shocking, and slightly disturbing.  I’m choosing not to go into great detail because I think that readers should pick this book up and experience it for themselves.

As a reader who loves an angst-filled novel, the author not only promised angst, but she delivered it.  It filled me with all of the anticipation that I love, made my stomach flip flop, and built up the tension to a perfect crescendo.  I was more than happy to go on this journey with the characters and eager to see where it would all end up.

I highly recommend  Together We Caught Fire.  It is a moving, beautifully written novel.  I highlighted so many passages in this book because the author’s words just touched me.  I am certainly looking forward to reading more books by Eva V. Gibson in the near future.

*4.5 Stars

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Together We Caught Fire
 By Eva V. Gibson