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I’m really not a non-fiction kind of guy. I like my stories to take me away from the here and now, but when I saw this book set a long time ago in my favorite galaxy far, far away, I knew that this was one to go for.

I went with the Audible version of I Am C-3PO, and what could be better than listening to C-3PO narrate his own story. Anthony Daniels’ clear, crisp voice lends itself naturally to the narration of an audio book. It really would have been a letdown if they had gotten someone else to narrate this book.

Daniels made me laugh, he destroyed the movie magic (or at least dissected it). I found it interesting to learn how Lucas created all those magical scenes that were such a real part of my youth. He even left some teasers for the upcoming film, perking my interest for its not so far off release.

As I got further into the book, I began to have some mixed feelings about it.  I’ve grown a bit cynical in my old age, my innocent youth left far behind.  Why this book now? Did Daniels feel like he had a story to tell and had finally gotten around to getting it out there? Did he think that this was one final cash grab he could make in conjunction with this upcoming film? Or, this is where I get a bit more sinister, did The Magical World of Disney approach Daniels suggesting this book now; using the most powerful force in the universe – nostalgia - to harness all of the fans of the original trilogy into getting off their butts and into the theater? But Disney wouldn’t be that savvy at marketing, would they?

In the end, whatever the motivation, I Am C-3PO was a fun story to listen to. Daniels was an exceptionally entertaining narrator and I enjoyed my time with him. Isn’t that what anyone really wants from a book?

*4 Stars  

I Am C-3PO: The Inside Story

By Anthony Daniels