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What Feasts at Night

By T. Kingfisher

This was a really fun, quick read. It is all about the characters and the interactions.

Kingfisher has really struck gold with Alex Easton. She is a fantastic character that just seems to pull in great supporting characters with some of the best banter that I have ever read. Reconnecting with Alex, Angus and Miss Potter was great; Widow Botezatu and her grandson, Bors, were fantastic additions to the cast.

I love Gallacia, it doesn’t exist, or does it? There is a certain vagueness to it. Kingfisher makes it seem like a possible place that may exist somewhere in Europe, maybe. This allows her to create the culture, have fun with superstitions, and generally make it all up as she goes. The reader never knows what crazy Gallacian quirk is around the corner.

All in all, I had a great time in Gallacia with Alex, and I can envision many entertaining adventures to come.

*4.5 Stars 


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