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Okay, here is the concept: the shit has officially hit the fan, the apocalypse is upon us, and we get a first-person perspective from a Cheeto-addicted crow with a cheeky name, we’ll go with his initials S.T.  And folks, this has to be one of the best damn books I have ever read.

I have to say that Kira Jane Buxton is a brilliant writer. She created an engrossing story, told from a unique perspective, while keeping it serious and hilarious at the same time. The layers that Buxton has built into this story are incredible, it feels like she set up things in book one that didn’t even pay off until the second book.

I won’t go into a whole lot of details of Feral Creatures in case you haven’t read Hollow Kingdom yet; I’ll simply ask you why you haven’t read Hollow Kingdom yet? Feral Creatures picks up more or less where book one left off. S.T. is a brilliant storyteller, and Buxton has captured what I can imagine would be the perspective of a crow. I opted for the Audible version of this story, and Robert Petkoff was perfect in the role of S.T. His tone and pace felt crow-ish.

My biggest complaint about Feral Creatures is that Buxton doesn’t have another book for me to dive into yet. Does she do a third book with S.T.? It’s doable but not necessary. But to be honest, it really doesn’t matter where she goes next, I’ll be there.

*7 Stars


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Feral Creatures

By Kira Jane Buxton