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There’s something about a survival story that always piques my interest.  Give me a survival story that is written by one of my favorite authors and I am over the moon.

Nature is the most unpredictable, formidable adversary.  Let’s be honest, you would have to be a brave person to fly solo to a remote location to photograph wildlife, and Mallory Reynolds was definitely a brave woman.  Despite her family’s concerns, she was living her life the way she wanted to and pursuing her life’s passion.  Her bravery was put to the test when her plane crashed, leaving her seriously injured, cold, alone, and in an area that could be rife with animals looking for easy prey.

S.C. Stephens did a great job of describing every detail in this book.  I felt as though I was right there alongside Mallory as she fought to keep herself alive.  Even when doubts crept in with the gravity of her situation, her faith and her love of her family and her life kept her from just succumbing to the elements and her injuries.  But luckily, she wasn’t as alone in the wilderness as she had assumed. 

Michael Bradley was a man of few words, but then again, he was accustomed to living in complete isolation.  He was definitely a welcome sight for Mallory.  He took her back to his cabin, tended to all of her injuries, and took care of her.  Mallory was more than a little curious to know more about the man who saved her life.  What would make a man in his thirties want to live all by himself, essentially cut off from all human contact?  I wanted to know, too. 

I was settled into the book, watching the characters develop a comfortable routine and camaraderie together.  It was easy to become invested in the characters and their story.  They were likable, and I found myself rooting for them very early on.

Under the Northern Lights was a slow-burning romance.  The author took her time to develop the relationship between the characters.  I always enjoy the anticipation that comes with a slower paced romance.  I prefer to witness the interactions between the characters, the push and pull that helps to build the chemistry.  This book handled it just right. 

*4 Stars


Under the Northern Lights

By S.C. Stephens

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