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Reckless Girls

By Rachel Hawkins

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​I wanted to get my new year of reading off to a good start. From the description in the synopsis, Reckless Girls had this kind of ‘80s slasher-final girl / Lord of the Flies feel going on. I cannot think of a better way to kick 2022 into gear other than with a Jason-meets-Piggy story.

There was so much more to Reckless Girls than I expected. Hawkins tossed together an incredibly deceitful cast. The story was filled with great flashbacks that slowly revealed the truth behind this nasty group of liars and self-important jerks. I loved to hate all of them.

With such a small, intimate cast Hawkins was really able to focus on the characters. I really got to know the persona that each was trying to portray, or so I thought. This focus on character versus action really set the story apart for me. Reckless Girls isn’t so much about what happened but who did what to whom. The action was perfectly placed events of treachery and obliviousness between the other characters.

I would have to say that Jim Carrey’s Grinch summed it up best, “Trust no one!”

*4.5 Stars