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​This one jumped out at me. Passengers of a cruise ship kept in quarantine on the ship for forty years, Covid gone to horrific levels. They say, “The Hunger Games meets Station Eleven.” Don’t try to set my expectations high or anything.

With The Stranded, Sarah Daniels is plunging into the uber-competitive market of YA. There are some big names and fabulous authors in this genre. It is one where an author can easily get swallowed up. A new author here needs to stand out to be the next one.

I have had some great experiences with YA books. I have also had some blasé experiences with YA books. On the occasions when I venture into the genre, I am looking for something different and special. A book that will whisk me away into a new world, a place I could return to again and again.

Daniels can write, her story works. In my opinion, she ticked off all of the boxes for a good YA book. The ardent fans should appreciate The Stranded. I was looking for more. The stars of this genre don’t tick off the boxes, they create new boxes that the readers didn’t even know needed ticking. They create something that goes above and beyond, the best ones give you that Calgon moment. I was not taken away.

*3 Stars

The Stranded

 By Sarah Daniels