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The Paradise Problem
By Christina Lauren

The Paradise Problem was exactly what I was in the mood for. Filled with their witty banter, memorable characters, and their ability to make their readers fall in love right alongside their characters, once again, Christina Lauren delivered a book that was just so much fun to escape with.

It was impossible not to adore Anna Green. She was quirky, delightful, down to earth, and I wanted to be her best friend. She was down on her luck and money was tight, so when she got an offer that she just couldn't refuse, she went for it. All she had to do was be whisked away to a tropical oasis and make her rich husband’s family believe that she was happily married to him, and in turn she would walk away with a nice sum of money. Since she was already married to Liam Weston, it shouldn’t have been too difficult to take up the charade that they had started almost five years ago, all in the name of convenience. After not seeing him for a couple of years, though, it was a spur of the moment agreement that had the potential to be pretty risky. Putting up with the majority of the Weston clan, however, would prove to be a daunting chore.

Anna and Liam were opposites, but this made their interactions so good. They each had an act to put on, but their attraction for each other made this ruse a bit easier to portray. Since they also had to share living quarters for a couple of weeks, this just made their chemistry even more intense. 

There was just so much to like about this book. I was easily swept up in the characters’ lives, pulled into the story, and entertained from beginning to end. There was plenty of romance, an abundance of steamy moments, and a story that made you root for the couple right from the get-go. A book from this writing duo has never steered me wrong, and I am already looking forward to reading their next novel.

*5 Stars