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The Stillwater Girls

By Minka Kent

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​​The Stillwater Girls got off to an incredible start.  It begins with Wren and Sage; you can get all of their basics from the synopsis.  Then, chapter two:  Nicolette.  Wait!  What?  Who?  Nicolette is not in the synopsis.  Where is this going?

I followed along, loving the two sides to the story, wondering how and where the two would come together.  Kent’s writing style kept the suspense and mystery high.

Then the story all came together.  And when it all came together, it really all came together.  To say that Kent had her ducks in a row would be an understatement.  I saw it all before the climax.  A mystery/suspense is supposed to maintain the mystery until the bitter end.  As a reader, I want to suspect everyone, not have each piece of the puzzle fall nicely into place as I pick it up.

Kent’s writing was excellent, her ideas were well-developed, but I just felt like there was a desire to just get it over with once the two storylines converged.

The Stillwater Girls left me wanting more.  More mystery, more tension, more risk, more danger.  Just more.

*3.5 Stars