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​I’m always intrigued by books about fate and finding your soul mate, but Dream On dealt with it in a completely different way. Imagine waking up from a six-day coma only to realize that the man that you thought was your boyfriend and have all of these memories of is just a figment of your imagination…or is he?

While Cass’s family and friends try to persuade her that her dream man isn’t real, she has a difficult time coming to terms with the fact that she has imagined him in such great detail. When she ends up seeing him in real life, well, needless to say, she is shocked.

Dream On is an original love story. I enjoyed getting acquainted with the characters, I loved the setting, and I was more than happy to watch the story unfold. The flower shop named Blooms & Baubles was absolutely adorable, and I could visualize every aspect of it, including its owner.

I always appreciate it when an author takes her time to develop the story and the characters before making them jump headfirst into falling in love. Angie Hockman delivered a good slow-burn romance, allowing her readers to become acquainted with the characters and building the anticipation.

I will admit that I had an inkling very early on as to how this story was going to play out, however, it didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the novel at all. I was more than happy with the direction that it took and enjoyed my time spent with the characters.

Dream On was a unique story with a great message.


*4 Stars

Dream On

By Angie Hockman

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