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Forget You Know Me

By Jessica Strawser

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​​​I always hate to age myself in my reviews, but sometimes an author leaves me without a choice.  Forget You Know Me started off like Barney’s mixtape (How I Met Your Mother) – it started off with a BAM!  I was left wondering where this story was going.  I love it when an author starts their story like this.  Strawser grabbed my attention – I was not going to be distracted.

Except that Barney’s mixtape is not supposed to let the energy level go down.  After the initial shock and awe, Forget You Know Me seemed to take a different path.  The initial “thriller” moment was bogged down in the day-to-day lives of the characters.  The mystery/who-done-it was overshadowed by the troubled lives of Strawser’s cast.  The urgency just wasn’t there.

I have to give credit to Strawser’s characters.  My wife has always said that a story that is about the normal daily lives of people would be boring; some crazy drama is necessary.  Despite the fact that Forget You Know Me was just that: a snapshot of the lives of Molly and Liza, their messed-up dysfunctional lives kept me going.  I felt a connection to the characters, I wanted to know where their decisions would lead them.

My take on Forget You Know Me is that it was more of a dysfunctional relationship story than the mystery/thriller that I was looking for.  The characters were my saving grace for this one.  Good, just not a top read for me.

*3.5 Stars