The past couple of years have certainly been challenging, but we are finally getting our lives back to normal, perhaps a “new” normal, but whatever, I’ll take it (uh-oh, I may have spoken too soon). I think we can probably all agree that getting lost within the pages of a book was a wonderful reprieve over the last year or two. Reading has provided me with an escape from real life, it took me on a new adventure, thrilled me, frightened me, made me fall in love, but most importantly, it gave me a place to lose myself for a little while.

So, here are the books that I looked forward to curling up with. They are the books that I dreaded finishing because I couldn’t imagine having to say goodbye to the characters. These are the novels that made me so glad to be a reader. They were my happy place when the world seemed anything but.

As always, this list features my favorites that I read this year. Some of them may not have been released in 2021, but if I read them this year, they counted. 

May 2022 bring you health, happiness, and a TBR list that is overflowing with wonderful books!

*The list is not in order of preference.

My Favorite Books of 2021!

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