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​​​I am beginning to think that Andy Weir has a thing for people isolated in space. And you know what?  I think that he just might be able to make a go of it with this schtick.

Project Hail Mary begins with the protagonist, Ryland Grace, waking up strapped into all sorts of machines, tubes, and whatnot, with two corpses on the beds surrounding him. Then it plunges into an ever-effective dual timeline: the story continues from that point, but also alternates to the events leading up to that point. I love how this plot function works, it’s like two mysteries at the same time; Andy Weir has mastered it perfectly in Project Hail Mary.

Weir did a fantastic job of building his story and his characters. He really added layers to his story. Project Hail Mary is certainly not a comedy, yet scene after scene contained fabulous sarcasm and humorous situations. Andy Weir made me feel the full gamut of emotions.

I would have to say that Andy Weir put the science in Science Fiction. He addressed the issues of space travel: time, gravity, encountering whatever it is that is out there where no man has gone before. Every situation is a problem to be solved by Ryland Grace and created tension with every step. Weir’s attention to detail and creativity kept me coming back to Project Hail Mary, along with Ray Porter’s fabulous Audible narration. It really takes both parties for an incredible Audible experience.

As it stands right now, I am two-thirds of the way through my Andy Weir hat trick: I’ve seen The Martian, listened to Project Hail Mary and Artemis is sitting on my Kindle, just waiting for me to open it up and read it.

*7 Stars

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Project Hail Mary

By Andy Weir