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This one came highly recommended to me by someone very close to me, my wife. I had been hearing for quite some time, “You will really love it.” Then as luck would have it, I won a copy through a Goodreads giveaway, winner, winner, chicken dinner!

For some reason, probably because my wife reads Tarryn Fisher, I have this mental block that Fisher is a romance writer. Let me set the record straight for anyone who is unaware: The Wives is not a romance, Tarryn Fisher is not a romance writer.  This is an old-fashioned mind-f*ck of a book set in a screwed-up scenario.

The synopsis of The Wives is proof positive that less is more, a couple of quick paragraphs with never more than three sentences, just enough to hook the reader and make The Wives a must read – right now!

Fisher kept me going back and forth: Thursday’s crazy, no she’s not, oh, hell yes, she is, I really feel bad for the situation that Seth has put her in, what the hell am I supposed to think!

I loved the way that Fisher played with my emotions and sympathies. She created a story that was almost impossible to predict. Don’t get me wrong, I had predictions, many predictions, so many that one had to be correct in the end. She filled this book with despicable characters that I loved to hate. I get the feeling that Fisher loves her characters flawed, sympathetic and selfish; almost like the people you meet in real life.

The Wives became an entrancing train wreck of emotions that I could not pull myself away from, nor did I want to.

*4.5 Stars

The Wives

By Tarryn Fisher