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When Amy Daniels kisses a man, she can see how their relationship would end. While it would be a time saver, would you want to know beforehand, or would you rather experience the journey even if it was going to lead to heartbreak? I’m still not sure if this particular ability would be a handy skill or a curse.

Amy has been trying to find a man who doesn’t elicit the dreaded “ending.” Once she kisses someone and it doesn’t lead to the premonition, she will know that she’s found The One. So far, she hasn’t had any luck with that, but what makes this even more challenging is that she kisses three men at her best friend’s wedding and can only remember that one of the kisses didn’t end in disaster. But these were drunken kisses, and she can’t remember which man was The One.

Skip to the End had a great premise. I was easily invested in Amy’s life and was definitely curious as to which man she would end up with. I’m not going to lie; I had one in particular that I was rooting for. It was fun to witness her dates, and the many mishaps along the way. I was always pulling for her to find her true love, even if she did have to subject herself to a few frogs first.

All in all, this was a very entertaining read. There was never a dull moment. It was filled with great friendships, plenty of laughs, and, of course, a promising romantic relationship. Whenever Molly James has her next book coming out, I am definitely going to be adding it to my to-be-read list.

*4.5 Stars

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Skip to the End 
By Molly James