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The Lies That Bind 
 By Emily Giffin

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The only drama that I flock to is within the pages of the books that I choose to read, and this book provided plenty of that.  I’ve had some ups and downs in my reading over the past couple of months, but this book drew me in from the very beginning and was impossible to put down.

The Lies That Bind was an intriguing read.  I was completely invested in Cecily’s story.  She was heartbroken, missing her ex-boyfriend, and was seriously considering getting in touch with him.  I think I was even shaking my head while I was reading it and thinking  No, girl, don’t do it!  Luckily, a stranger was able to change her mind before she did something that she might have regretted.  She and this handsome stranger enjoyed a couple of drinks and each other’s company and shared a connection that seemed as though it was meant to be. 

While I was completely on board with this intense connection between Cecily and Grant, I am a suspicious person by nature, and I was wondering if it was too quick and too good to be true.  But as suspicious as I am, I’m also a romantic at heart, and I wanted everything to work out for Cecily.  I was quickly enamored by their interactions and their budding new relationship; however, I was hesitant to put all of my trust in Grant’s elusive nature.

This book had my heart beating faster and my apprehension at a high.  The angst level in this book was off the charts.  There were so many questions, concerning behavior, and I was on pins and needles while I anxiously flipped the pages.  There was never a dull moment, and with every turn of the page, I was falling deeper and deeper into the tangled web of their relationship.

The Lies That Bind was intense, emotional, gripping, and brimming with heart-pounding and heartbreaking moments.  I was all in, completely invested, and utterly captivated by this story.  There were so many twists and revelations, and while I may have figured a couple of things out along the way, it certainly didn’t hinder my enjoyment of this novel.  To put it simply, I loved it!

*5 Stars