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Writers & Lovers

By Lily King

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Writers & Lovers was captivating, beautifully written, and a pleasure to read.

There was just something about this novel that set it apart from some of the others that I’ve read.  There was no big event, no pivotal moment so to speak, no grand climax. This is Casey Peabody’s story, and while it follows her through her daily routines and somewhat mundane days, there is absolutely nothing mundane about Casey or this story.

Casey’s life wasn’t easy. She struggled. She struggled with writing her novel in her grim one-room apartment, with making ends meet, with her grief, and with her love life. While most of her friends had moved on and given up on living a creative life, Casey persisted. Friends were getting married, having children, buying houses, and advancing in their careers. Casey felt as though she was at a standstill while everyone else was moving forward in their lives.

Lily King made me feel as though I knew Casey personally. She came to life within the pages of the book and felt like an old friend. I couldn’t help but feel invested in her story. Her vulnerability, her worries, and the obstacles that she encountered, both creatively and otherwise, made her a realistic and normal character.

I loved every minute that I spent reading this novel. I hated reaching the final page and saying goodbye to Casey, but I am so glad that I got to meet her.

*5 Stars